Chicken Parmesano Pasta Fagioli

Two big tastes in one bowl of comfort food.

I love Pasta Fagioli and Chicken Parmesano with pasta so I decided to combine them and see what it would be like!

What a huge hit with the family. 

We loved this dish so much, now it’s the most asked for soup almost chili style bowl of deliciousness, all year long.

During the fall months, sometimes you need an old fashioned bowl of comfort food.

This one is pure comfort with a capital C, and it over the top delicious.

The kids love this old school pasta dish and are asked for often.

Serve this bowl with a warm piece of garlic bread and it’s a win-win combination of flavors.

With all the melted mozzarella what can be more comforting than this soup?

The cheese and chicken added is a gourmet version of the tried and true old fashioned pasta