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Egg Bread is an enriched bread, which means it contains eggs and butter. It is a beautiful bread with its glistening golden brown crust and its three strand braid. Inside this white bread has a buttery rich flavor and a soft and tender texture. It’s delicious buttered. It’s a great bread to use for sandwiches and it makes really good toast. It can also be used to make bread pudding.

When I took a bread class at the San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI), this is one of the breads we made. Before this class I had never used a Pre-Ferment when making bread. A Pre-Ferment is a starter, which is really just a small amount of bread dough that is made the night before and left to ferment overnight. What I like about adding a Pre-Ferment to your bread dough is that it’s a simple way to add both flavor and texture.

As far as ingredients go, this bread is made with bread flour. For the yeast, I like to use SAF Red and Gold Instant Yeast. Both of these yeasts give a good rise and they don’t need to be activated before adding them to the bread dough. However, if you want to substitute active dry yeast for instant yeast, use an equal amount, and you need to first activate the yeast in warm water before adding it to the dough. To do this, heat the water called for in the recipe to lukewarm. Stir in the active dry yeast and let it sit until foamy (about 5 to 10 minutes). Dried milk powder is used in this recipe as it enhances the color of the crust, adds flavor, and helps to keep the bread moist. For the salt I like to use kosher salt. I like to use superfine white sugar as it dissolves easier into the dough. You can make superfine sugar by simply processing granulated white sugar in your food processor until finely ground. There is also butter in this dough, and I like to use unsalted butter. And lastly we need water. I like to use cold (from the fridge) filtered water.

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Article and Demonstration by Stephanie Jaworski

Photo and Videography by Rick Jaworski

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