Panjiri Recipe – Healthy Punjabi Dry Fruit Snack

Panjiri Recipe is a popular Punjabi sweet that people snack on during winters. 

Made with the goodness of ghee, here foxtails nuts, almonds, cashew, pistachios, gondh, dry coconut, melon seeds and flax seeds are individually fried in ghee. These individually fried ingredients are then pulsed in the mixer grinder to a coarse powder and then mixed along with yet another mixture of what flour and rava roasted in ghee. 

This Panjiri mixture is then sweetened with sugar and flavoured with dry ginger, nutmeg and cardamom powder. 

This Panjiri is packed with so many nutrient, making so so health, that it is not just served to expectant and lactating  mothers, but is also made during the festival of  Janmashtami and even served as a snack during the winter season. 

Mostly eaten in this form of a churma like we have, many others do add more ghee to it to make it like a ladoo or as a barfi as well. 

Serve Panjiri Recipe along with a Turmeric Milk Recipe – Haldi Doodh / Golden Milk or Badam Milk Recipe – Almond Milk as a snack during the winter season. 

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