No-Bake Cheesecake Eclair Cake

No-Bake Cheesecake Eclair Cake is one ridiculously easy dessert to make! This icebox cake combines layers of graham crackers, cheesecake pudding, and cherry pie filling for a no-bake take on cheesecake everyone will love.

I saw a meme earlier this week about a midwest fall dress schedule and it was as follows:

  • 7am – winter coat
  • 10am – pants and light jacket
  • 1pm – shorts and hoodie
  • 4 pm – bathing suit
  • 7pm – bug spray
  • 10pm – winter coat

And let me just tell you, if you live in Ohio during the month of September this is 100% accurate. I mean, let’s be real – this still happens in October.

Two days ago I was out on a morning walk wearing a coat and gloves and by 1pm it was 75 degrees.

Basically I’m trying to tell you that while I’m all bring on all the fall baked goods, I’m also kind of sweaty by 1pm and looking to indulge in simple, delicious no-bake desserts.

Trust me though on those cool mornings, I’ll be whipping up pumpkin everything.


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