Ilish Macher Korma Recipe – Hilsa Fish Curry In Rich Gravy

Ilish Macher Korma Recipe is one of the authentic and traditional recipes of Bengal, especially during the days of Durga Puja. Bengalis have a culture of celebrating festivals intertwined with delicious food, like most part of India does. Delightful fish recipes are just a part of the menu. Here is a Ilish Macher Korma Recipe which is cooked in a gravy of onion, garlic, ginger and more.

This is made with hilsa fish. With a generous cashew paste and garam masala, this side dish recipe has a royal flavour and taste. I have kept the spices and flavours to moderate since I love the original mild flavour and taste of hilsa fish when cooked. You may feel free to add more.

Serve Ilish Macher Korma Recipe along with Jeera Rice (Pulao) Recipe (Cumin & Ghee Flavored Rice)Bengali Potol Bhaja Recipe (Bengali Style Parwal Sabzi)Phulka and end your meal with Rasgulla Recipe for a traditional meal.

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