Allegheny Trail House

Photo by Rissa Miller

By Rissa
Miller, Senior Editor Vegetarian Journal

If cold weather
finds you longing for a cozy fireplace and warm hospitality, consider a visit
to Allegheny Trail House in Frostburg, Maryland. Vegan innkeeper Jason Yowell
has been operating the B&B for four years in a historic property
dating back to 1865. His brand of hospitality is engaging and comfortable.
The second you arrive, you’ll feel like you’re at the home of an old friend as
he offers you freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and you get a hearty
tail-wag from Gus, the resident canine. 

to be well fed when you sit at Yowell’s table. This is no paltry B&B
offering, you will get a full plate of freshly prepared food. For breakfast you can sweeten up with
gluten-free banana pancakes topped with fresh berries. Go savory with a hash
bowl of roasted veggies, potatoes, and vegan sausage, or try Yowell’s epic
Trail House Breakfast, which includes a vegan omelette, served with breakfast
potatoes, tempeh bacon, or vegan sausage. My omelette was stuffed with
fresh veggies as well as Yowell’s own housemade seitan and signature
plant-based queso sauce (by which I mean, it’s actually made from real plant
ingredients!). Other vegan breakfast offerings include loaded avo toast, steel
cut oatmeal, and vegan yogurt parfaits with seasonal fruit and granola. 

If you’re
planning a day out and about, Yowell offers vegan box lunches. Choose from
chickpea salad wraps, vegan hoagies, or an avocado-chik-un sandwich. Sandwiches
come loaded with fresh veggies and are served with a dill pickle, bagged
chips/snacks, some of those decadent chocolate chip cookies, and a to-go

Though he’s an
expert at offering local dining suggestions, at least one evening be sure to
end your day with dinner prepared by the innkeeper. Meals include an
appetizer such as nachos with that velvety queso, or house-made vegan mac and
cheese (I had this twice and ate it so fast there’s no picture–trust me though–delicious!).
Mains include hearty sandwiches like a veggie burger on a pretzel roll or
seitan cheezesteaks. If you’re around on a Tuesday, you might get to try
Yowell’s tacos with his own vegan asada sauce. Dessert is light-as-air
chocolate mousse. The secret ingredient is aquafaba, which gives it a melty,
dreamy texture. 

The house
itself is Greek revival style. There are four guest rooms, each with a private
bathroom and television, and several common rooms offer plush sofas,
books/games, and work areas. The B&B is walking distance from the shops,
cafes, and bars of historic downtown Frostburg, as well as the GAP trail,
ideal for cyclists, hikers, and trail runners. In fact, if you’re a cyclist or
runner, you’re going to love the Allegheny Trail
House. Yowell is a vetran cyclist and runner himself, and can tell you
just about everything there is to know regarding the local trails and
even offers bicycle repair onsite as well as
shuttle transport for trail adventures.  

Whether your
flavor is to curl up by the fire and pet Gus the dog, or traverse the
stunning mountain trails, Allegheny Trail House has something wonderful to
offer. For your pre-vegan friends and family, there are other food options as

The B&B is
located at 156 East Main Street, Frostburg MD. For questions or reservations,
call 240-580-9795, message on Facebook at, or
go online, Dog and bicycle friendly.