Italian Fried Bow Ties (Farfellette) Cookies

I love these delicate fried bow tie dough ribbons that show up on the table every Christmas.

These are so addicting you can’t stop eating them.

The crispy fried puffs of dough are so delicate and quite fragile with this delicious snowy sugar on top.

Grandma and mom spent hours rolling, cutting, and frying these to give away to family and friends around the holiday.

My Aunt Mary (grandma’s daughter) also helped her own sister in law that actually sold these in Schenectady, N.Y., so we had an authentic recipe.

We called them wands in Utica, New York, or bow ties, Guanti, farfellette, and sometimes cenci (rags)

Don’t be afraid to tackle this recipe, they’re really easy to make and a must-try if you remember them in your family as a kid.

They happen to be my favorite little fried cookie and I was petrified to make the first time.

Honestly, there is nothing to it.

These bow ties are at the top of my list for Italian holiday cookies, like my other fried favorites including