Honey Buns Bread Pudding Recipe from the Holy Sweet Cookbook

Food blogger extraordinaire Peabody Johanson shares her love of dessert with her new cookbook Holy Sweet! 60 Indulgent Recipes for Bigger, Better Desserts which includes this ultra-decadent Honey Buns Bread Pudding.

I’m so excited to share this brand new cookbook with you today, authored by my pal Peabody, veteran blogger of Sweet ReciPEAs (and by veteran I mean a 15 year tenure of blogging!). I’ve always admired the recipes on her blog and felt a kinship for her love of nostalgic treats. She uses them to inspire other, bigger, better desserts, just like the book cover says!

When I saw the Honey Buns Bread Pudding recipe on page 22, well. Pure nostalgia. Aptly from the “Inner Child” chapter in the book, it brought back a host of childhood memories, all of them warm and happy.

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