Vegan Holiday Beverages: Written by a Barista

By Audrey
Hunt, VRG Intern

The holiday
season is a terrific time to try new seasonal flavors in your daily beverages!
I’m a coffee hut barista and I make all my drinks completely vegan. Here are
some of my favorite ones to drink during the colder months.

I’m a sucker
for tea, especially London Fog combinations. When making different flavored
drinks, I like to flavor mine with the Monin syrups which are labeled vegan on
their website. You can search by syrup to see which are suitable for your
needs. See:


  • London

    • Cranberries
      & Creme

      • Earl
        grey tea/ dash of oat milk/ agave nectar/ cranberry and vanilla syrup
    • Green

      • Green
        tea bag/ dash of coconut milk/ agave nectar/ peppermint
    • Sweet
      and Spicy

      • Cinnamon
        and spice tea bag/ dash of oat milk/ agave nectar
  • Iced

    • Christmas
      Party Punch

      • Peppermint
        tea bag/ cranberry & orange syrup/ lots of ice
  • Hot

    • Spicy

      • Spiced
        chai tea bag/ agave nectar/ cinnamon powder


  • Iced:
    • White Praline
      • Nitro Cold Brew/ dash of oat milk/ white chocolate & praline syrup
    • Toasted Pumpkin
      • White coffee/ dash of almond milk/ toasted marshmallow and pumpkin syrup
    • Fall in a Cup
      • espresso/ dash of oat milk/ maple spice syrup
  • Hot:
    • Fruitcake
      • ½ white ½ regular espresso/ pistachio & cranberry syrup/ dash of soymilk
    • Grandma’s Recipe
      • espresso/ butter rum & butterscotch syrup americano
    • Praline Cookie
      • espresso/ praline syrup/ soymilk/ cinnamon powder/ white chocolate syrup
    • Jack Frost
      • White coffee/ white chocolate syrup/ coconut syrup and coconut syrup
    • North Pole
      • Vegan nog/ espresso/ cinnamon and nutmeg powder

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