Vegan Wine – It’s Time

Photo from Frey Vinyards

By Emilio Gironda, The Vegetarian Resource Group Volunteer Coordinator

While wine contains mostly vegan friendly components – grapes, yeast, and (sometimes) sulfites – the processing of wine involves ingredients of concern to both vegetarians and vegans alike. Here are some links to various articles on the issues presented, a list of American Wineries than only sell Vegan Wines, and links to listings of Vegan-friendly Wines. Cheers!

From The VRG:

Why is Wine so Fined? Primer on non-vegan wine ingredients.
Guinness and Isinglass: Info on Isinglass – an unlabeled, non vegan, processing aid. 

From other sources:
Vegan Trend Raises Questions for Wine
What makes a wine vegan? Ask Decanter
Is Wine Vegetarian, Vegan or Neither?
Is Wine Vegan?

Links to Listings:
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Vegan Friendly Wine
The Tree Kisser: Vegan Wines You Can Find AND Afford!
Barnivore: Your Vegan Beer, Wine and Liquor Guide
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Vintage Roots: The Organic Wine People]
The Wonderful Wine
Vegan Wines: sourcing only the best vegan wines (vegan only)
Reverse Wine Snob
Organic Wine Exchange

Natural Merchants: Family Produced Family wines:
Scout and Cellar: Clean Crafted Wines
The Vegan Vine
The Organic Cellar

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