Salted Caramel Toffee Bites

This didn’t last long, crunchy, soft caramel and chocolate.

This is so addictive you will not wait for Christmas to make it.

One of the easiest candy kind of cookie I have ever made.

It really is amazing how fast this decadent confection comes together everyone loves it!

This candy has so many names to it!

Christmas toffee, crack candy, saltine toffee, crack toffee, salted saltine crack candy, chocolate-covered cracker bark.

All I know, it’s easy, fast, and no one thought it didn’t take hours of work when eating it!

Foolproof, and best of all it’s an inexpensive gift for teachers, associates at work or to take to a party!

You can make it all year long and decorate this candy to the theme of your event with my many suggestions below.

Crackers, chocolate, and caramel are what’s in this and a sure delight.

I love making easy candy you may like my