6 Spicy Homemade Chaat Recipes You Must Make For Weekends

You can’t buy happiness but you can always buy food and it’s kind of the same thing. And my happiness comes from street food. No matter how much I care about my health, I can’t resist myself when I see these yummy chaats on the streets. Well, according to me street food is one of the best ways to experience the real cuisine and in turn, the culture of any community. We come across different types of street food in different cities which help us to know the culture better and more efficiently. We have different popular chaats from different cities, most popularly from Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata like Papdi Chaat & Dahi Puri from Mumbai, Dahi Bhalle & Aloo Tikkis from Delhi and lastly Shingara, Dohi Bora & Jhalmuri from Kolkata. The chaats are almost same but they are modified according to one’s taste and culture. With the rapid growth in the food industry, everyday something new comes up in the market and we as a consumer can’t resist to try that out.