Goan Lady Fish Curry Recipe – Muddoshi Hooman

No coastal cuisine is complete without fish curries. In Goa, fish curry will be cooked almost everyday for lunch. Since various types of fish are available in Goa, various types of fish curries can be made and the recipe differs according to the type of fish used.

Note that in this recipe no sichuan pepper (teffal) is used, but in Mackerel, Sardines and seerfish curries it is used. Similarly in Goa the cuisines differ too. Some people add garlic to fish curry and some people don’t. Lady fish is a very clean fish and we absolutely love to eat this. It is one of the tastiest fish. It is known as “Kane” in Mangalore and “Muddoshi” in Goa.

Did you know- Lady Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure. It is always good to eat fish from curries rather than deep-frying to reap its health benefits.

Serve Goan Lady Fish Curry either for lunch or dinner with Steamed Rice, Rava Fried Prawns, Salad and pickle and enjoy a delicious Goan meal.

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