Open Bean and Veggies Burrito Muffin Recipe

Mexican Burrito is a well known street food in America and also a complete meal in itself. I love the flavor combination this Open Bean and Veggies Burrito Muffin Recipe has to offer. It is spicy, tangy, cheesy and meaty (I prefer the meaty version) all at the same time. There is no set rule to making a burrito so I just kept the flavors intact but played around with ingredients. This one is a vegetarian version but you can always add chicken or any shredded meat to the recipe.

I was surprised with the results, the tortilla was crisp and was holding the stuffing very nicely. The vegetables, kidney beans and rice were going very well with cheese and salsa. This is a very good snack for the toddlers as well because it doesn’t lead to any mess and is very easy to make and serve.

Serve Open Bean and Veggies Burrito Muffin Recipe with fresh Spicy Mexican Salsa Recipe, Sour Cream or Vegan Cashew Mayonnaise Recipe if you need to avoid dairy products.

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