Sindhi Karela Bhaji Recipe – Sindhi Style Bitter Gourd Sabzi

Sindhi Karela Bhaji Recipe is a delectable bitter gourd side dish cooked in Sindhi style. Though bitter gourds are bitter, here it is cooked in a tangy onion, tomato and yogurt based curry, which makes its taste much palatable.

The use of cardamom powder and dry pomegranate seeds adds a distinctive flavour to the dish. 

Did you know: Bitter gourd has multiple health benefits. It is said that Bitter gourd juice is the best natural medicine for diabetes. Drinking it early in the morning on an empty stomach helps lower your blood sugar levels. 

Serve the Sindhi Karela Bhaji Recipe along with Sindhi Tidali Dal Recipe and Jowar Jo Dodo Recipe – Sindhi Sorghum Roti for a simple Sindhi meal. 

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