Pui Shaager Chorchori Recipe – Mixed Vegetable Curry With Malabar Spinach

Pui Shaager Chorchori Recipe is a traditional Bengali vegetable side dish that can be made for your everyday meals. In Bengali Chorchori means a combination of vegetables.

Pui Shaager Chorchori is a Bengali combination of vegetables like Malabar Spinach, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Radish and Eggplant, all cooked well in panch phoran masala. This recipes usually uses mustard oil which gives it a distinct yet flavourful taste.

If Malabar spinach is not available, one can make do with the regular spinach as well. The vegetables come together to make a wonderful side dish. 

Serve Pui Shaager Chorchori along with Bengali Style Cholar Dal and Steamed Rice for your everyday meals. You can also serve Begun Bhaja along with this meal.

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