Learning Desired Dough Temperature

Learning Desired Dough Temperature

The importance of Dough temperature in Baking, DDT, FDT and more(learned from @maurizio theperfectloaf.com) Thank you! 🙏 There’s a lot more to learn! 


DDT – 26°c Deg x 4 = 104-(24+19+26(25.5))= water temperature 


Flour – 24°c

Room temp – 19°c 

Starter – 25.5°c

Water – 35°c

Friction Factor – 0(if mixing by hand) 


24+19+26+35 = 104


After 5.5 hours of Bulk Fermentation – 26°c(25.9)deg Final Dough Temperature

Measured internal dough temperature about 3 times and it’s consistent so I stop measuring it.





315g Strong Bread Flour

5g Wholemeal Emmer Flour

30g Wholemeal Spelt Flour

265g Water

70g Starter

7g Salt


2 Hours Autolyse

5.5 Hours Fermentation with 4 stretch and folds

20 Hours proof/prove Cold Retard (4°c to 5°c)