The Best Chocolate Cupcake Recipe EVER

If you’ve been looking for the BEST Chocolate Cupcake Recipe, you’ve landed in the right place! These chocolate cupcakes are soft, moist, and rich with the most amazing chocolate sour cream frosting. Plus, they are eggless cupcakes that are easy to make.

I’m sharing all of my secrets and showing you how to make perfect chocolate cupcakes from scratch – you are going to love them!

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I’m pretty sure there areapproximately 27 bajillion chocolate cupcake recipes on the internet. Everyone has their favorite. But OMG, people. THIS recipe? These are seriously the best chocolate cupcakes. This is the ONLY recipe I ever make now, and it makes a pretty good cake too.

The cupcakes alone are to die for – they are soft and dense chocolate cupcakes. But it’s the frosting that takes them entirely over the top. It’s a cooked chocolate frosting that’s like a ganache but so much better. So, just a warning, you might have to force yourself to frost the cupcakes instead of eating it straight with a spoon. I know this from experience!

But there’s so much more to tell you, so let me highlight what you need to know about this recipe!


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