CB semolina

CB semolina

I decided to have a go at the CB  so yesterday went to the supermarket and purchase a 1 kg bag of  Granoro Semola Rimancinata from Italy i paired it with the Caputo Integrale that i had on hand  it was to be a 50/50  contribution .


I formulated a recipe that would give me a 750g dough it was my intention to use the Sassafras clay baker for my offering. 

This morning i was up early and wanted to use all the water that i had calculated at 65% to hydrate and Autolyse and equal amount of flour which accounted for all the Integrale plus some of the Semola. 1 hour was allowed before and the remaining flour the malt and yeast were then added and stirred through, i was thinking that this was going to be a challenge as i had quite a porridge form , i referred back to my notes and realised i had just added an equal amount of Semola as was added to the Autolyse 65.5g  rather than the 151g that was required, this correction made both the dough and me a lot happier. After the dough formed nicely i allowed a short rest period before adding the salt and olive oil to the mix. it incorporated well  the toasted and cooled Sesame seeds were then rolled into the dough and the finished dough was placed in a bowl to bulk ferment   

i was suprised by the speed of this dough  because in 80 minutes it had reached its full proof

 the dough was knocked back  handed up and give 10 minutes recovery time before being shaped 

 the dough piece was placed on the table linen couche up side down for its final proof.

 i should have kept a keener eye on this dough as it had shown it was not a slouch and suprised me somewhat when i unwrapped the couche to find that it was going to be like getting the ugly sisters foot into Cindarella’s glass slipper.

i settled for a flat sheet instead and the dough piece just fitted diagonally. It stood up to the transfer from couche to tray quite well so my dilemma of whether to score or not was resolved with affirmative action. 


I then had to hurry around and prepare a steam tray and get this into the oven, it wasnt quite up to temperature which isnt usually a problem when working with the Sassafras as it shields the dough piece from the force of the high gas flame at that stage.  the steam tray was withdrawn after 15 minutes and the temperature lowered accordingly. The loaf did take on some colour but i am a fan of the bolder bake


and now as its cooling im getting some cracks

 just some slicing to do 

Just some slicing to do and the dough formula 

 750g dough using 50/50 Caputo Integrale     
and  Semola di Grano Dura Rimacinata    
water  282     
caputo Integrale216.5     
granoro semola65.5     
remaining ingredients     
granoro semola151     
saunders malt 8.7     
comp fresh yeast8.7     
olive oil 8.7     
salt 8.7     
toasted sesame20