How to Melt Chocolate

Learn the best ways to melt different kinds of chocolate, so it turns smooth and glossy every time. I’m sharing tips for melting chocolate in a double-boiler or a microwave, plus some of my favorite tricks to make it easy and stress-free!

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It might seem like a simple thing, but there are definitely “do’s and don’ts” for melting chocolate. If you’ve ever had chocolate seize up on you or not melt properly, you know how annoying it can be. So, I’m showing you the best ways to melt chocolate so you can do it every time without problems.

What We’ll Cover in This Post

  • How to melt in the microwave vs. a double boiler.
  • How to melt chocolate chips plus other types of chocolate, including how to melt white chocolate chips, so you get smooth chocolate every time.
  • I’m sharing my best tips for salvaging seized or overheated chocolate.
  • Plus, a few more secrets so you can melt chocolate like a pro!

Before you melt chocolate, the first thing to ensure is that there is no water. Even the smallest amount of water that comes into contact with your melted chocolate will turn into a gritty paste. 

So, make sure your spatula (or spoon) and bowl are completely dry. It’s especially important if you use the double-boiler method, but more on that in a minute!


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