Mom’s East End Sausage Pasta Sauce

Well, this has a little story behind the recipe for Mom’s East End Sausage Pasta Sauce.

Back in my hometown, Utica New York and often called little Italy, my family made a special sauce with meat and fresh tomatoes.

After simmering the sauce (you can use either a slow cooker or now instant pot) mom only made this on the stovetop, this special over the top flavored style chunky bolognese sauce was perfection.

Mom made her own homemade sausage, meatballs, and sauce from scratch, but you can substitute already made frozen kinds if you like.

There are even other options for vegetable suggestions you can add depending on what you prefer.

Served over linguine it’s absolutely delicious.

Mom always made regular tomato sauce and occasionally this was a nice change for our Sunday dinner.

I loved all the pasta dishes she created like