Cookbook Update: Getting Started

In case you missed it, I’m writing a cookbook! Crazy for Cookies will be out in spring 2022.

I’ve been hard at work on this book for a few months now and it’s time for an update! Today I’ll share all about how I got started writing my cookbook!

Cookbook Topic Ideas

This process all started in September and it took a few months for us to settle on a topic. Once we decided on a COOKIE theme I was off and running.

There are so many cookie cookbooks out there and I wanted to differentiate this one from those so we decided to expand from plain old cookies to Cookies, Bars AND Brownies!

From there I was able to brainstorm lots of different ideas – and some other fun categories – to make this book different.

Crazy for Cookies is going to have the following categories:

  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Blondies and Bars
  • No Bake Bars
  • Cookie Cakes and Cups
  • Holiday Cookies
  • And a short chapter on…DOG cookies that Abby loves

I was SO excited when I got the okay to include a couple dog cookies. I love making homemade cookies for Abby and wanted a few in the book!

Once I had the general outline I started brainstorming the recipes.

Choosing Cookbook Recipes

Now my editor told me I could include a ton of blog recipes in the book but I’m not doing that: a majority of the recipes will be new. I’m using a few of my favorites (and most popular ones) and then creating brand new recipes for the rest.

A table of contents is an ever evolving document; I had to give samples and a TOC to my editor by the end of 2020, and I’m mostly sticking to it but as I create recipes some are changing.

My goal for this book is that it’s got the BEST recipes in it – ones that will become your favorites. That’s why sometimes I make a recipe and it might be delicious – and perfect for the blog – but it’s not good enough for my book.

That’s when I go back to the drawing board and create new ideas.

woman in kitchen with mixers and ingredients all around her

(Yes – Birkenstocks! They’re my cooking shoes. If you stand a lot in the kitchen (or anywhere) I highly recommend. They form to your foot and I have zero back pain when I wear them!)

Creating Recipes for a Cookbook

I have 1000s of recipes on this site and many of them are cookies and bars. I’m taking some of my tried and true recipes and editing them for the book – so I know they are loved and perfect!

Starting writing a cookbook is a lot like any other project – you just have to START. That’s what I did in December – I just picked a category and started baking.

Sometime a recipe works perfectly the first time…and some are taking 2 or 3 or more tries to get perfect. If I can’t get it perfect – it’s not going in the book.

I’m currently 90% done with the cookie and brownie chapters. I’m in the middle of the blondie and bar chapter and working hard each week on baking baking baking.

I am such a messy baker – as you can see in the photo ha!

brownie with caramel and bacon on parchment paper

Upcoming Sneak Peeks

In the coming weeks and months I’m going to share more about my process including:

  • Shopping for Ingredients
  • Recipe Testing
  • Photography
  • Dieting while writing a cookbook
  • And so many more updates!

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