Chocolate Sourdough

Chocolate Sourdough

A chocolatey taste with a hint of bitterness for this Chocolate Sourdough, Goes very well with Nutella and definitely “Butter” or on its own.

Recipe for 2 Medium siez loaf:


700g Strong Bread Flour

512g Water

160g Liquid Starter(100% Hydration)

14g Salt

210 Chocolate Paste(70g Cocoa Powder/140g Water)

On a Stand mixer mix water(warm) and flour autolyse for and hour, After an hour add your starter and salt and mix well. Gradually add your chocolate paste and continue mixing until gluten is developed, Do a windowpane test to be sure.


Transfer the dough onto a new and oiled bowl(Transparent or clear for you to see activity) and let it ferment for up to 4 hours or more depending on your room temperature, Mine was at 23°C to 24°C that time.


Cut, Divide and pre-shape the dough(Do not pre-shape if the dough is not puffy or full or air) rest for 20 to 30 Minutes and do your final shaping.


Proof/Prove for 2 hours at room temperature and 1 hour cold proof(While heating up the oven)

Score and Bake:

250°C for 15 Minutes

180°C for 25 Minutes

With steam(A tray with BBQ Briskets) for extra steam)




Base recipe by: Sourly from IG