Orange Poppy Seed Fruit loaves

Orange Poppy Seed Fruit loaves

Yesterday  i spent at home under our 5 day corona  lockdown, We had a run of 10 months with no community transfer. But a security guard has caught the virus from returning travellers in supervised Hotel quarantine and been out and about in the community . this triggered  a lockdown and vigorous contact tracing and testing and so far no other cases have emerged fingers crossed. The other Emergency is a large bushfire to the North of the city and already 71 homes have been lost in high temperatures and strong winds.

I did my interpretation of Nero fiddling while Rome was burning, Stayed Home and baked bread.

i chose to make an Orange Poppy Seed Fruit loaf  using freshly squeezed oranges (2) and their zest 




This is the first time i have scored fruit doughs so did a variety of patterns. i originally intended  making a 800g dough but when i had squeezed the orange juice i had to recalculate the recipe to use it all. and ended up with 1773g dough instead and 4 loaves at 443g.


With the fire still raging and lockdown entering its 3rd day i am looking at making another fruit dough this time using Fresh Figs and Fennel seed. I am hoping the fire fighters  and the people in its path stay safe.