Lacy and Wild Crumb

Lacy and Wild Crumb

This wonderful crumb was made last year 20th of August 2020(Winter), When I started to learn more about fermentation and type of flours.. This is I think the most successful Lacy Crumb that I made. From what I’ve learned, Flour plays a very important part in getting an open crumb.

380g – Flour Mix(310g Strong Bread Flour/70g Whole Wheat)

300g – Water – 80% Hydration

8g – Salt

80g – Starter



7:30 am Feed starter(Levain)

11:00 am Autolyse(27c deg – Water Temp)

1:30 pm Added Starter

2:00 pm Added Salt

2:30 pm 1 Strong stretch and fold

3:00 pm Laminate

4:00 pm to 6:30 pm with 4 coil folds(at 24c deg)

7:00 pm while still in Fermentation left in the fridge.

10:30 pm pull out from fridge left at room temp.

6:30 am Final shaped(almost 100% doubled!!)

Proofed in fridge for 3 hours then decided I want to bake it today, took it out and leave in 24c Deg temp for 3 hours.

Baked on baking steel

230c Deg for 15 minutes

170c Deg for 30 minutes