Overnight Beignets

Celebrate Mardi Gras from home with this famous New Orleans pastry. The dough rests in the refrigerator overnight for shorter work the next morning. 

One of the things I love most about food is how it can transport you to another place without having to travel there. Beignets, for example. They can be made at home, and although they won’t taste exactly like the famous ones at Café du Monde (the recipe is closely guarded), they are pretty incredible from your own fryer. Brew yourself some strong chicory coffee and cut it with hot milk for an accompaniment, and you’ll have a near authentic New Orleans beignet-eating experience. 
This was my very first foray into beignet making, and although I am well-practiced with making yeast doughs, I was not prepared for the instructions from King Arthur Baking’s recipe. It simply said “Combine all the ingredients and mix them together.” Huh?  This seemed a little undisciplined to me, compared to say, a doughnut formula. But I went forward anyway and things went so well, it’s a new favorite recipe.

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