80% rye loaf with new starter

80% rye loaf with new starter

This is 80% whole dark rye from CM, 10% type 110 wheat, and 10% bread made with new sourdough starter raised and maintained @ 82-85°F, not even two weeks old. 

Four stage process was used: freshening, basic sour,  fermented rye scald with 0.1g of fresh yeast per 100g of all flour in the bread, final dough. All fermentations were done at temperatures not lower than 82°F.  

I liked this bread already at the final dough stage, which, to be honest, never happened before: for the first time, the aroma wasn’t anything like unpleasant earthy and sour smells of a raw rye dough but of something fruity, sweet, and definitely edible. The final product was just that: a balance of sweetness, fruity aroma, and mild acidity (probably from lactic acid) — in the same league with my CLAS loaves.

I just followed the advice from an experienced rye baker: “When making rye sourdough, never let your temps go lower than 82°F”.

Next time will ferment longer or make sure the starter is a bit more active or strong.