Experimenting with Ancient Grains

Experimenting with Ancient Grains

20% White Khorasan Sourdough with 10% Wholemeal Spelt.


Recipe for 2 medium Loaves: 

490g Strong Bread Flour

140g White Khorasan

70g Wholemeal Spelt Flour

525g Water(34c deg)

140g Starter

14g Salt


2 Hours Autolyse

Add starter and rest for 30 minutes then add salt and mix.

Using slap and folds with 10 minutes rest interval until the dough is smooth and developed gluten.


5 hours Total Fermentation before pre shape. With 2 Stretch and folds(30 minutes rest intervals


Bake on steel plate @ 250°C for 20 minutes and 180°C for 30 minutes