Raspberry White Chocolate Cake

Layers of yellow cake with a creamy raspberry filling, all covered with white chocolate buttercream frosting is a beautiful and delicious cake worthy of any occasion.

I’ve gone through a few variations of this cake over the years, and each time I bake it I make some small improvement, but I’m now declaring this raspberry white chocolate cake is done. It’s perfect.

It has the most tender and moist vanilla cake layers, and the frosting is my favorite whipped vanilla buttercream folded together with melted white chocolate. For the filling I’ve simply beaten fresh raspberries right into the white chocolate frosting. The combination of white chocolate, fresh raspberries, and vanilla cake is amazing and delicious.

This layer cake is perfect for whenever you can find fresh raspberries in-season, but you can also use frozen raspberries and enjoy this cake year-round! (more…)

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