Today’s bake – 123 sourdough

Today’s bake – 123 sourdough

Today’s bake – 123 sourdough. Recipe here

I scaled it to a little bigger loaf: 

150 gm levain

300 gm water

450 gm flour (400 gm KAF AP, and 50 gm freshly milled hard white spring wheat)

9 gm salt

Preheated oven and makeshift DO (our graniteware turkey roaster with a couple of small, rolled up damp towels) to 450F.

Baked lid on (damp towels still in place, with some space between them and the loaf, and the loaf was on parchment and wasn’t touching the towels) for 25 min, then lid off and towels removed (with tongs) for another 30 min, internal temp 208. Not too shabby for a jury rigged setup, lol. 😁

Crumb shot tomorrow…..