39th bake. 02/16/2021. 80% WW durum. 3 stage hydration.

39th bake. 02/16/2021. 80% WW durum. 3 stage hydration.

Feb. 16, 2021.

This is my 8th bake for the durum Community Bake. The previous bake, #7, a tortilla/chapati, is at: www.thefreshloaf.com/node/67438/mini-bake-384-ww-durum-tortilla-chapati-02152021

As a result of experimenting with 3 “mini-bakes” (38.1, 38.2, 38.3), I think my “baseline” for hydrating this whole grain durum is to soak it several hours at 77%, and after the soak slowly bring it up to 89% hydration for the bulk ferment, adding the additional 12% water in two steps to avoid excess stickiness.

Going directly to 89% hydration turns the dough into a sticky paste that makes it more or less unworkable.  But hydrating it slowly, allows it to stay in the form of a workable dough.

Goals/plan:  Use 640 grams of total flour to get a 9″ diameter boule, 80% whole wheat durum (Sher Fiber Wala), 20% KA bread flour, do a three stage hydration of the durum (add 77% H2O, soak, add 6%, wait, add 6%), 5% chia, 1% nutritional yeast (add after the first soak, with the first 6% water), use sourdough starter — no commercial yeast, 

1:20 pm – Mix 512 grams Sher Fiber Wala whole grain durum, 10.2 grams salt, 394 grams of bottled spring water. Knead until well mixed. Put in quart size zippered storage bag, put in oven, about 68 degrees F.