Cholesterol in Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine

Below, the author of this VRG
blog post
responds to a reader’s comment “The last ingredient listed
is “cholesterol,” which is animal based.”

Cholesterol is classically
recognized as an animal-based product, so the cholesterol comment makes sense.
However, there are companies that sell plant-based lipids that are used to make
pharmaceuticals. These companies take plant sterols and synthetically modify
them to make cholesterol. Pfizer-BioNTech may have used one of these companies.
Moderna released this statement:

“The Moderna COVID 19 Vaccine
contains no preservatives, no antibiotics, and no products from human or animal
origin.” The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine also contains cholesterol. See:

     If a reader sees documented information on the cholesterol origin, please share.

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