Types of Flour for Baking

Learn about the different types of flour for baking! In this post, I’m covering six common types of baking flour, what they’re used for, and how you can substitute them in recipes. If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between types of wheat flour, this is the post for you. I’m sharing my favorite types of gluten-free flour, too!

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Why learn about all the types of flour?

These days it seems like there are so many types of flour that it’s almost overwhelming! It’s also a great thing because there is so much choice, and the right kind of flour is critical for baking, whether it’s achieving the right texture or for dietary reasons. 

I’m always happy to see my regular grocery store selling all kinds of different kinds of flours. I like not having to go to multiple stores! I love my all-purpose flour, but sometimes it’s not always the best choice, so it’s great to see so many options at mainstream grocery stores.

So, I thought I’d do a post all about different flour for baking! I get lots of reader questions about the difference between flours and substitutions. Consider this your guide! I hope to clear up the confusion and answer all of your questions.


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