Soft Homemade Golden Oreos

Homemade Golden Oreos are soft, chewy, and sandwiched with creamy vanilla filling. They’re like the store-bought ones but soft instead of crunchy and better because they’re homemade!

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If I ever were forced to choose one type of Oreo, it would be golden Oreos over the regular ones every single day. I love them so much I came up with a soft golden Oreo recipe, and I love it even more than the store-bought ones. You get all the vanilla flavor and creamy filling, but the cookies are soft and chewy. 

Soft Vanilla Oreos from Scratch

I wouldn’t say this is a copycat recipe because there are some big differences – they’re soft, they’re made with butter, and they’re big. Much bigger than a regular Oreo cookie.

All three of those things are what make these vanilla Oreo cookies so amazing. You get that familiar vanilla Oreo flavor but reimagined into a homemade soft sandwich cookie. Guys, I might not buy a package again. This homemade version is just too good.


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