Artisan Red Wine Soft Caramels

Rich merlot wine adds fruity notes and deep red color to soft butter caramels. One batch makes plenty to share, or gift them for a special occasion. 

I have been working on this red wine candy caramel recipe since last December, and at long last – it’s finally ready to share! I had hoped to have the formula finalized and the recipe posted here before Valentine’s Day, but it needed a few more small tweaks. It would have been perfect for a sweetheart gift, but it’s a good candy to enjoy year-round.
The first thing you’ll notice when eating this candy is its brown sugar caramel notes, then immediately following is the flavor of tangy red fruits and grape notes. It’s not so much boozy as it is complex. All of the characteristics listed on the wine bottle, such as flavors of blackberry, raspberry, and plum are all brought forward in this candy.

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