Polenta Levain, Kingdom Bakery Tampa FL

Polenta Levain, Kingdom Bakery Tampa FL

Came across this  YT video and thought I’d give it a whirl.  Trying to spreadsheet a formula from the video’s posted percentages and amounts, and nothing really meshed, so I had to massage the spreadsheet for a while to get the amounts into percentages.  And he is off by more than a very small amount on the hydration and minor amounts elsewhere.  

Once that was saved and printed, off I went.  The formula creates a quite sticky dough which should, according to the baker, double and become soft and billowy within ~2-3 hours of BF time.  Mine barely moved.  So I threw it into the refrigerator, for “later”.  

And went back to the formula, changed a few parameters and ran it again later the same day.  This time I cut down on the hydration, bumped up the WW to 20% and upped the PFF to 20%.   Less sticky, but same BF result, only with a little more volume, but nowhere near doubled.  Another into retard.

Both were shaped this morning and sent back to retard once more.  The second batch was less sticky and easier to shape.  2 consecutive bakes as these are too large to place all 4 across my oven deck.

The pair with the double score is from the first batch, the single score is the second batch.

The “original” formula:

The 20% WW version on the left has a more pronounced flavor than the “original” on the right.  Due to the higher hydration the right loaf would seem to be more open crumbed throughout, but I haven’t cut beyond this yet.

725g x 4 batards