Karlyachi Ambat Goad Bhaji Recipe – Maharashtrian Sweet & Sour Karela Sabzi

Kaarlyachi Aambat Goad Bhaaji is a Maharashtrian Bitter Gourd Sweet And Sour Curry that is extremely healthy and simple to make. 

This sabzi makes use of the least number of spices, and uses an extremely nutritious vegetable-bitter gourd, In spite of which it tastes absolutely delicious. .

Did you know: Bitter Gourd contains important nutrients like iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C,  It is an excellent source of dietary fibre and contains twice the calcium of spinach, beta carotene of broccoli and the potassium of a banana!

You can very well imagine the number health benefits associated with the consumption of bitter gourds ranging from maintaining the blood sugar levels to boosting the immune system, and still many more! Making it a great option for Diabetics. 

If you are diabetic then you can avoid adding jaggery in this recipe and it would still taste wonderful. 

Serve this Kaarlyachi Aambat Goad Bhaaji along with Rice Flour Bhakri Recipe and Maharashtrian Ambat Goda Dal Recipe and Steamed Rice for a simple maharashtrian meal for a weeknight dinner. 

For an Indian Diabetic Meal, serve this Kaarlyachi Aambat Goad Bhaaji along with Bajri Ki Roti Recipe and Methi Moong Dal Palak Recipe for a completely healthy meal. 

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