Charred Corn and Radish Salad Recipe

Charred Corn and Radish Salad is a salad that is bursting with fresh flavors from the grilled corn. When the corn is grilled and added to a salad you will discover a whole new flavor. A simple lemon, honey olive oil and dijon mustard dressing makes this salad bursting with flavours. Spring onions and coriander leaves adds to the freshness .

This simple and easy to make salad can be made for parties or evening snacks and also can be used as stuffing for vegetarian wraps/tacos. The Charred Corn and Radish Salad Recipe can also be made for the cold winters; all you have to do is serve it warm.

Serve Charred Corn and Radish Salad Recipe along with a Crispy Lavash Recipe, and Israeli Couscous Minestrone Soup Recipe for a wholesome dinner.

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