Five Vegan TikTok Creators to Watch

By Amy Burger, VRG Intern

Video-sharing app TikTok launched in the US in 2016 and
its popularity has grown steadily since, especially as Americans stayed home
due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to viral dance routines and
challenges, the platform is a great source for vegan recipe inspiration,
notably from these five creators:

@eat_figs_not_pigs: Ashley Hankins has combined her interest
in food with her passion for veganism, which she shares through recipes like
her sticky baked Korean barbecue tofu bites. Hankins recently published a
cookbook, Make it Vegan, and has frequently appeared on Fresno-area
morning show “Great Day Kitchen” to show off her cooking.

@iamtabithabrown: Tabitha Brown’s soothing narration and
catchphrases including “like so, like that” and “because that’s my business”
are her signature on the app, where she shares creative original recipes. After
her carrot bacon video took her viral, Brown was featured in magazines and on
television; she now has her own show, All Love, on the Ellen Digital

@plantcenteredprep: Ashley Kitchens was raised on a beef
farm, and after becoming a Registered Dietitian, transitioned to a plant-based
lifestyle. Her TikTok videos educate viewers about the basics of vegan
nutrition using evidence-based research, and she shares tips for healthy meal
planning. Her epic breakfast wrap is a simple, yet tasty recipe that’s easy to

@thekoreanvegan: Joanne Molinaro is a lawyer by day, but
she’s known on TikTok for beautifully-narrated videos in which she pairs
personal anecdotes with vegan recipes. Molinaro’s stories cover her family’s
origins in and escape from North
Korea and Molinaro’s own personal life,
while her recipes show veganized Korean entrées as well as baked goods like her
easy blueberry lemon muffins.

@veganjenni: Jenni Poole’s TikTok account chronicles her
vegan lifestyle. Videos show how to shop vegan, tips for transitioning to
veganism, recipes (a recent post showed how to make vegan mozzarella sticks),
and her activism work. Poole
also highlights the work of other vegan content creators, and recently started
a vegan book club.

While these five creators consistently post outstanding
TikTok videos, they all have a presence on Instagram, and most also have
websites and Facebook pages, for those who don’t want to commit to yet another
social media platform. Their content is definitely worth watching, and I’m
looking forward to seeing what else they do next.