Best Websites in English with Information on Calcium in the Vegan Diet for Latin Americans

Photo by Odette Olivares

By Odette
Olivares, VRG intern

Are you
trying to find websites with accurate and complete calcium information for
vegans, which include information geared towards Latinos? Are you looking for
in-depth information? Do you want help distinguishing updated scientific
information from myths and outdated ideas?

We have
prepared a selection of the best websites with calcium information for you.
This selection includes websites and YouTube channels prepared by Registered
Dietitians, doctors, health coaches, and fans of veganism. Twenty-four sites
were selected after evaluating them with a rubric. You can find websites with
very extensive calcium information and sites that manage to summarize calcium
essentials in reads less than 5 minutes. Find the site that best fits your


In Spanish,