Plain Dalia Recipe- How To Cook Broken Wheat In Pressure Cooker

Plain Dalia/ broken wheat is a high fiber, full of nutrition tasty carbohydrate. It can be easily made in a pressure cooker. Broken wheat is great to be included in your diet. There are lots of recipes that you can make with broken wheat. They can all easily be cooked in a pressure cooker but if you like you can cook the broken wheat in a saucepan as well. When cooking in a saucepan ensure that you put enough water. Remove any excess water in the pan after the broken wheat/ dalia is cooked.

Broken wheat is made with whole wheat that is cracked.There are many varieties of broken wheat available in the market. Its best to buy the medium size kernels which are free from debris. 

Serve Dalia/ Broken Wheat along with Palak Tovve or Palak DalMasalewali Turai Sabzi and Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita for a wholesome lunch.

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