100% whole wheat, in a small graniteware roaster

100% whole wheat, in a small graniteware roaster

Today’s bake – 100% whole wheat SD, baked in a small graniteware roaster.

Hard white wheat (home milled) 450 gm

Water 405 gm

Starter (100% hydration) 130 gm

Salt 9 gm

Bulk proof 7 hours (might been a tad too long)

Final proof in banetton 45 min. 

The kitchen went from 68F this morning to 75F by early afternoon, and I wasn’t watching closely enough how rapidly the proofing accelerated. Spring weather in AZ, lol. 

I have been enjoying playing with different techniques, both in working with the dough and trying different baking containers. This was the first time I tried my hand at coil folds, and they really seemed to strengthen the dough better than the stretch and folds have done for me in the past. 

I baked it in a mini graniteware roaster I discovered at a local thrift store. (The yardstick is for photo scale purposes only.) It worked pretty well! 450F for 25 min with the lid on, then 15 min lid off. I attempted to bake without a sheet pan on the shelf below, that was a mistake. I knew better, this oven only heats from the elements on the bottom. The bottom burned a bit, hopefully I will be able to just cut that part of the crust off if needed.

Will edit with crumb shot tomorrow.