1940 Borodinsky

1940 Borodinsky

Some time ago I ordered the real (Ukrainian) red rye malt through eBay. It’s been a few weeks, and I finally got to use it, and of course I started with a Borodinsky. I used the Rus Brot adaptation of the 1940 recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ_p7IihoZs I followed it as closely as possible, with just minor time adjustments to fit my schedule, and I had to mix (extra strong) bread flour and WW flout to approximate the Russian grade II flour (I guess it’s same as first clear flour maybe? or high extraction flour?)

Anyway, everything went just as expected, dough was not particularly sticky, and was surprisingly easy to shape in the end. Proofed up like a balloon. Baked on a steel, I used semolina on the peel to load the loaf instead of rye bran (need to use up that non-durum semolina I got the the Indo-Pakistani shop!). Semolina worked well, clearly toasted up during the bake, but didn’t burn. I was worried the bottom of the loaf would burn on steel without the light insulation of baking paper, and it’s definitely on the darker end and very chewy, it’s not burnt.

The bread is delicious! Less of a coriander flavour that I am used to, but more malty. The red rye malt certainly adds great flavour and colour!

The one weird thing is that soon after applying the corns starch glaze the crust got some strange bubbles, does anyone have any ideas? Very obvious here, when the bread is still hot:

Did the liquid batter I applied before baking bake unevenly, or something like that? It’s pretty clear to me it’s the top layer of wheat crust peeling off…