Hot Cross Buns

These lightly sweet yeasted buns are delicately spiced and studded with plump currants. Synonymous with the Easter holiday, a cross is marked on top of each bun and they are traditionally eaten in reverence on Good Friday.

I’m making my keyboard a bit of a disaster as I type this blog post with jam on my fingers. These buns are to blame with their fluffy cotton-soft interiors. Just after baking I coated the batch with a fine sheen of melted apricot jam. This makes them lightly sweet, a little sticky, and so irresistible.  

Most of you probably already know this bread has rich history with ties to the Easter holiday. Historically, they are eaten by people in Christian countries on Good Friday, and the cross on top symbolizes the crucifixion. In some countries they are offered year-round, but to me they’ll always be a harbinger of spring. 

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