Puran Poli Recipe | Gujarati & Maharastrian | Sweet Spiced Stuffed Paratha With Jaggery

Puran Poli is also called as Vedhmi in Gujarat; Puran Poli is one of the favorites with my family. Come every special occasion or a festival Puran Poli features in the menu along another family favorite Undhiyu. Though puran poli is sweet dish; many Gujarati families have them along with the vegetables as an alternative to other flat breads.

Puran poli is also popularly made in other parts of the country. Similar in concept but with a regional twist it is known as Obbattu in the south.

You can make Puran poli along with a traditional Gujarati meal for the festival of holi or gujarati new year. It makes a perfect indian dessert for parties.

  1. Khandvi
  2. Undhiyu 
  3. KadhiMasala
  4. Chora Pulav
  5. Paka Kela Raita
  6. Mohanthal