Ukad Recipe (Maharashtrian Rice Flour Porridge)

Ukad really has no English or a Hindi word as far I know. This dish is divine with a dollop of tup/ghee/clarified butter. However, this is traditionally had with oil but we were always generous on ghee (hey, we had cows at home and milk and milk products were always abundant) and was my paternal grandma’s favourite, this is her recipe and she often had this with us after school hours. I can fondly remember all the women of my home savour on this during the evening. Also my maternal grandma says that this dish is widely loved mainly by the women folk alone and hence was usually not made for breakfast at home. Also I haven’t come across seen any restaurant that serves this on their menu.

Serve Ukad along with ghee or along with Maharashtrian Tomato Saar for a simple weeknight dinner.

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