20% Whole Wheat Sourdough

20% Whole Wheat Sourdough

This maybe the simplest recipe and something that always works for me. I’m posting probably almost the same recipe but different approach or methods every week, but this is the only way I can achieve consistency upon my bakes..



70g Whole  wheat

280g Premium Bakers Flour

260g Water 💦

70g Starter(100% hydration)

7g Salt 🧂 



Mixer is used

-1 hour Autolyse

-30 minutes rest after mixing starter

-1 hour rest after adding salt b4 doing 1 S & F

-5 hours Bulk Fermentation @ 24c deg

-2 sets of coil folds

-no pre-shape, rested on banneton for 30 minutes 

-16 hours cold retard


Baked on steel plate covered with stainless steel bowl for 20 minutes @ 250c Deg, another 25 minutes @ 230c Deg uncovered.