Baked Crack Chicken Breasts

Baked Crack Chicken Breasts also has another familiar name (that’s popular all over the net)named Ranch Bacon Chicken Breasts and you may be asking why it’s called crack chicken.

This chicken dish is a super creamy ranch in flavor topped with crispy bacon and totally smothered with lots of melted cheese.

The chicken is moist bursting with fabulous flavors, its melt in your mouth tender, quite addicting, hence where that name came from being called “Crack Chicken” and we can see why.

Recently I also switched off and even tried this recipe with blue cheese, bacon, and cheddar since that’s how I love my chicken and actually this way was a huge hit also.

This recipe is so easy and perfect for a family dinner or even feeding a weekend get-together.

If you’re a huge chicken fan and looking for great new recipes you will need to try this one, it’s so delicious.

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