Paneer Butter Masala Recipe

Paneer Butter Masala is a classic all time favorite dish of the North Indian Cuisine. In this recipe the Paneer, the Indian Cottage cheese is simmer in creamy tomato based gravy. Paneer Butter Masala is one of the most popular vegetarian dish in the menu of restaurants in the Northern province.

Serve the Paneer Butter Masala along with a favorite Indian Bread, Jeera Pulao, Papad and Raita for complete dinner for your family.

Did you know: Perhaps common knowledge by now about paneer is a good source of protein especially for vegetarians who do not get their intake from meat products. Cottage cheese contains all the essential amino acids needed for it to qualify as a complete protein. Eat cottage cheese, and you’ll boost your intake of calcium and selenium. A single serving of either full-fat or low-fat cottage cheese provides all the selenium you need in a day.  Know more

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