Quadruple Seeded Country Sourdough

Quadruple Seeded Country Sourdough

Although my last two bakes of the 100% whole red fife were delicious, they didn’t turn out as well technically as I would have liked.  In an attempt to regain some confidence, I am returning to my country sourdough formula which has been reliable.  In retrospect, this being the third time I have baked with this new batch of whole red fife flour, I suspect this is a very fresh bag as it isn’t absorbing water the same as when I have used this flour from this mill in the past.  It usually takes me some time to get through a bag of red fife so it probably dries out over time.  In the morning after the overnight saltolyse, the dough had a sheen that appears wetter than I am used to seeing.  And when handling the dough, it is definitely wetter than it should be.  I’ll have to try the 100% red fife again and just really drop the hydration as it is acting like a freshly milled flour I think.

Poppyseeds, sesame seeds, petitas and sunflower seeds totally weight 100 g ~20%

Build levain and mix dough with salt for a saltolyse (could holdback 20 g water) in the evening for overnight builds. Ferment at 74ºF so the levain will be at peak in about 8-9 hours or so.

In the morning, add peaked levain to the dough with holdback water if used using Rubaud mixing to incorporate.  Start of bulk @ 80ºF.

Slap and fold until full gluten development (I did 500).  Rest 30 mins.

Bench Letterfold fold, rest 30 mins.  Set up aliquot jar.

Lamination adding mixture of seeds – sesame, poppy, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  Rest 30 mins.

Do a series of coil folds every 30 mins or so watching dough and doing the coil folds when the dough has relaxed.  Stop coil folds when dough is holding shape well.

Shape when aliquot jar reaches 60% (5.5 hours for me) and place shaped dough in banneton.  Allow a further RT rise until aliquot jar shows 95% rise and then start cold retard in fridge overnight.

The following day (20 hours later) preheat oven 500ºF with dutch oven inside.  After one hour remove dough from banneton, brush off excess rice flour and score.  Brush on water and then place dough in dutch oven and place lid on DO.  Bake 450ºF for 20 mins.  Drop temperature to 420ºF and continue to bake for 10 mins.  Remove bread from dutch oven and bake directly on rack for another 15 mins rotating halfway through.